The boat rental options on offer at Samboat

Samboat is a boat rental company for private individuals. It presents its online platform to have accessibility to all offers.

The offers proposed by Samboat

The platform exists to connect boat owners and lessees in a simple way. The owner adds his rental ad on the site. It presents the pictures of the boat as well as the product sheet of the boat and the rental price and destination referring to its port of embarkation.

The customer has the possibility to search for his boat by region, destination, type of boat or price. He also has simulation software to find out which agency offers less than the one on Samboat. As soon as he has found his rental boat, he talks to his owner directly and once the boat is available, he makes his request directly on the website. There are documents to provide and specially to find out if there are any passengers who have a boat license. The best place for rent a boat mykonos is Samboat and at the moment the price is on promotion.

Samboat's proposal

On site, Samboat offers all types of boats with semi-rigid at the Zodiac, for 50 to 2,000 euros per day. Yes, the difference is visible, but it all depends on the type of rental to be made. For transport from one point to another, you can rent a small motor boat per hour. You can also make an excursion to an unusual place for a daily rental between 50 euros per person per day of 7 hours of time. You can rent one boat per week for 4,000 to 12,000 euros or more during the week depending on the type of boat and destination. You can rent on site to celebrate a family or professional event for 1,500 to 3,000 euros per day or night.

On the day of the boat, the owner and the lessee meet to transfer the boat, and draw up a report to check the condition of the boat.

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